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The Providence Emergency Management Agency (PEMA) is an active member of both the Providence Urban Area Security Initiative (P-UASI) and the Greater Providence Metropolitan Medical Response System (GP-MMRS).

Providence Urban Area Security Initiative (P-UASI)

The Providence Urban Area Security Initiative (P-UASI) consists of the nine (9) metropolitan Providence communities. They are; Providence, Warwick, Cranston, Pawtucket, East Providence, North Providence, West Warwick, Johnston and Central Falls. The UASI program focuses on enhancing regional preparedness in major metropolitan areas like Providence. The UASI program directly supports the National Priority on expanding regional collaboration and is intended to assist participating jurisdictions in developing integrated regional systems for prevention, protection, response, and recovery.

Update: On 19 May 2011, DHS announced that 31 cities across the nation, to include Providence, are no longer eligible for the Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI) grant for FY11 and beyond. DHS Press Release.

Greater Providence Metropolitan Medical Response System (GP-MMRS)

The Greater Providence Metropolitan Medical Response System (GP-MMRS) is made up of the same nine (9) P-UASI Communities.

The GP-MMRS is a FEMA Grant Program that serves to support the integration of emergency management, health, and medical systems into a coordinated response to mass casualty incidents caused by any hazard. Through the procurement of pharmaceuticals and PPE as well as ongoing planning with the City of Providence's first responders and first receivers related to all CBRNE hazards, Providence MMRS works to reduce the consequences of a mass casualty incident during the initial period of a response by having augmented existing local operational response systems before an incident occurs.

Update: Starting in FY12, the MMRS grant program is no longer direct funded; funding is only eligible from the State Homeland Security Program (SHSP). Due to limited FY12 funding from SHSP, the GP-MMRS has elected not to receive funding.

New England Regional Catastrophic Planning Initiative (NERCPI)

The New England Regional Catastrophic Planning Initiative (NERCPI) consists of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the states of New Hampshire and Rhode Island, including the Urban Areas of Boston and Providence. The NERCPI receives funding from the FEMA-sponsored Regional Catastrophic Preparedness Grant Program (RCPGP). Regional catastrophic planning supports coordinated all-hazard planning, including the development of integrated planning communities, plans, protocols, and procedures to manage a catastrophic event.

A catastrophic event is a natural or manmade incident that results in extraordinary levels of mass casualties, damage and disruption which severely affects population, infrastructure, environment, economy, and national morale. Our program creates coordinated response capability between our local and state agencies to address sustained impacts over a period of time when their own individual agency resources are taxed.

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