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Friday, June, 16, 2017

New Kids Day Out Summer Programs

Cure the ‘I’m boreds, there’s nothing to dos’ with this fun, new museum program. Exciting days full of hands-on fun activities.  Explore the museum and see a private planetarium show each day! Children ages 8-10 (by September 1, 2017) July 26, 2017, 10am-3pm – Space Exploration Explore the mysteries of the solar system in this […]

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The Red Planet
Friday, September, 30, 2016

The Red Planet: Going to Mars

Of all the planets other than Earth, none have captivated mankind more than Mars. By the 19th century, telescopic observations intrigued the imagination of scientists and writers wondering if Mars supported life and even advanced civilizations. Getting to Mars is hard, landing is even harder still, but getting off the surface of Mars has never […]

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